Saturday, July 25, 2015 No comments
Hello all!  I am taking the leap into the full-fledged blogging world.  It's only taken a mere 14 years after sitting on the edge of the pool to hop on in.  I think I may bring a whole new meaning to the saying "baby steps". I have been an active participant in the online SLP community since March of 2001 when I began the SLPTalk List Serve on Yahoo, back in the days when Facebook meant you literally had your face in a book reading.  Say what?!?  There was a world without Facebook?  Without Pinterest?  No Teachers Pay Teachers?  What was an SLP to do?  I remember the day clearly when Pat Mervine and I presented to the Bucks County IU about how we were going to try some new avenues to open up ways for SLPs to share with one another, build bridges to connect our islands so to speak.  It was then that (Pat's glorious brainchild) and SLPTalk on Yahoo! were born.  [If you have not visited, I highly recommend that you do!]  Fourteen years later, the SLPTalk list serve does still linger on but in the ever changing world of technology, it sits as somewhat of a museum of SLP virtual artifacts, replaced by Facebook groups, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and now Periscope.  It's an ever changing world my friends!  The tried and true blog/website platform seems to have stayed constant though so I might as well add that to my ventures too!  It's time to toss aside the baby oil, Sun In and cute (much smaller) swimsuits of the past, embrace my high SPF sunscreen, facial road map of laughter and yell "CANNONBALL" as I jump in.   I hope that you'll join me!