CRAZY Hair Day

Monday, October 15, 2018

Next time you need a language sample, get one on Crazy Hair Day. It’s a conversation starter, that’s for sure! 🤣 You can address sequencing, problem solving, inferencing... you name it! I’m sure it comes as no shock to you that my concrete thinkers were surprised that it wasn’t real soda. 

Thank goodness I had some fabulous helpers to help get this to actually work. There may have been a teacher using a glue gun while the bottle was on my head... just sayin’. 

It was the teacher version of a trust fall.

So how did we do it? And I really do mean WE, this was a group effort after all.

1. Cut a hole in the side of an empty 20 oz. soda bottle that is big enough for your ponytail to fit through.

2. I cut 2 slits in the soda bottle and then slid a plastic headband through the slits. You can adhere the bottle to your head with bobby pins instead but the head band felt more secure. 

3. Using scissors, cut two slits in a solo cup to feed the headband through. This will sit on the side of your head.

4. Put your hair in a high side pony tail with the pony tail on the side of the bottle with the hole.

5. Put on the headband with the bottle and cup attached. Twist your pony tail and feed it in through the hole in the bottle and out the top. This is where those extra hands really come in handy. We had to hot glue the bottle to the headband as well to position it the way we wanted it but I think that may have been because I cut too big of a hole in the bottle so it wasn't snug.

6. Place the end of your pony tail into the solo cup so it looks like it is pouring out of the bottle.



  1. Can you show pictures of each step please?

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