Data, Data, Data - How to Use Digital Tally Counters to Maximize your Time & Energy with this 4 Letter Word

Sunday, October 16, 2016
How many repetitions do you get from your students during a session? Principles of motor learning show that eliciting maximum repetitions is not just something that we should do, but essential to the very essence of success for our students. I’ll let you in on a little secret too (okay, so it’s really not a secret)… tally marks just don’t quite garner the same excitement from the students as the number shown on digital data collection means. I know that it sounds silly, it certainly isn’t rocket science, but let’s meet our kids where they are in a digital world and make our own jobs easier in the process. Here are some helpful tips and tricks that I use to do just that!
 These are so easy to use. There is something gratifying about the simple principle of pushing a little button.  At a little over $1 per counter, they are cost effective as well. I use two tally counters that I line up on each finger. One is used for correct and the other incorrect. Little Tip: Use a sharpie to draw a star on the correct counter. Track productions/responses with the simple touch of a button and put your attention (and eyes) on the student so you can give them performance feedback. I don’t know if the students look at me as if I am an elaborate multitasking SLP gaming ninja or just an avid data collecting SLP but they are motivated beyond belief so it works for me!

Happy Tracking,

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Percentally Pro 2:

Do you have an iPad that you can use to track data during therapy? If so, this may quickly become a valuable resource as well. Percentally Pro 2 allow you to program in your students, student goals and track data either by occurrences of delineated by incorrect/correct responses as well as offering the option to capture prompted responses.


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